Alarmed! The Alarm clock application for Android

Alarmed! iconFor quite some time now I’ve been working on an Android application in my spare time.  It is an alarm clock called Alarmed! and I released the beta version of it today.  This version is a free trial with a limited feature set.  You can find out more about it here. The main feature of the application is the puzzle aspect.  When the alarm goes off the sound won’t stop until you’ve answered a set of questions, some simple maths questions and some short anagrams.  The questions start off simple by default but you can add more as you get better.  The idea is that by the time you’ve answered all the questions you should be properly awake!

Additional features are snooze and the ability to set the alarm to play a random song from a playlist in your music library.  The playlist feature will only be available in the upcoming full paid-for version which I’ll likely only charge a dollar (US) or two for.

Alarmed! screenshot
Alarmed! The alarm clock app for android
Alarmed! The alarm clock app for android
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2 Responses to Alarmed! The Alarm clock application for Android

  1. Joran says:

    Bought it, nice app =D
    Maybe include a widget?

  2. HeyChinaski says:

    Thanks. What kind of widget were you thinking? A big clock like the default alarm clock or one to show the currently set alarms?

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