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Wordle +

Daniel just Pownced a link to Wordle, a very slick application for generating clouds of words from a bunch of text where the most frequent words are displayed the largest.  It has a nice interface for customizing the appearance of … Continue reading

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FindMe Firefox extension

Would anyone like to help me beta test Findme, my new Firefox extension? It uses Google’s Social Graph API to find other pages that belong to the same person as the page you’re currently viewing. For example from this blog’s … Continue reading

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Wikipedia, Smale’s paradox and Goetz’s law

A video entitled Outside In from the Geometry Center popped up on Digg today explaining how it is possible to turn a sphere inside out without cutting or creasing it (given that it is infinitely elastic and can intersect itself). … Continue reading

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Altio +

Here‘s a little Altio app I built with a couple of guys from work (I work at Altio) that uses the new Graph custom control and the data feeds from the music website to map connections between users … Continue reading

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I’ve known about this for sometime, but Ariel just announced on the Pownce blog that they have chosen the Pownce+SXSW site I announced yesterday as the one they’ll be promoting at SXSW this weekend.

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More Pownce News

A couple of weeks ago Leah and Ariel from Pownce suggested that someone build an app that shows a subset of the Pownce public feed with just the notes that contain the string “sxsw” for the upcoming SXSW Interactive festival. … Continue reading

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Powncified Update

Just a little update about Powncified. It’s been going quite well, not required too much maintenance and received a little attention courtesy of a pownce note from Daniel Burka. Thanks Daniel. It also briefly featured on the video podcast Epic-Fu … Continue reading

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The post count on this blog has been dwindling somewhat recently. Spare time has been taken up working on a new project, Powncified which has been visible in the the side bar for a while. Powncified is a fan project … Continue reading

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Revision 3 live?

Revision 3 have a new page on their new-look website (I preferred the old style, but that’s another post). It seems to be streaming the latest show from the network alongside a live chatroom. When I “tuned in” (at 1.30am … Continue reading

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Photo by raindog I found out last week that I’ll be attending JavaOne in San Francisco in May. This is excellent news; I’ve not been to the US before, much less to a software conference of such magnitude. I’ll likely … Continue reading

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