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Scala with Mockito gotcha

We do a lot of Scala over at Top10 nowadays.  We also do a lot of unit testing and that means a lot of mocking.  We’ve been using Mockito due to our familiarity with it as Java developers and because … Continue reading

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Most tweeted Columbo episodes

Sadly, Peter Falk died this week.  This means a lot of people are tweeting about Columbo.  Instead of doing all the things I ought to be doing today like exercising, working on an upcoming project and feeding myself I wrote … Continue reading

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Twitter rate limiting and Google App Engine

@markovator has been silent for some time. He’d been replying to people but he’d not been able to come up with his own original tweets. The reason for this is the that he was being rate limited by Twitter. Initially … Continue reading

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A History of the World in 100 Seconds

I attended the History Hackday at the Guardian and helped Gareth implement his cunning plan to scrape Wikipedia for all historical events with associated geo coordinates and present them chronologically.  The video above is the result.  Unfortunately I couldn’t be … Continue reading

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Neon Trails Live Wallpaper for Android

Since version 2.1, Android has had a live wallpaper feature which allows dynamic wallpapers to be built for the Android home screen that can animate and respond to touch and other inputs.  They’re remarkably easy to develop so I spent … Continue reading

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Markovator – Python + Google App Engine + Markov chains + Twitter

As a child a chat bot program called NIALL made quite an impression on me.  It came on one of those demo floppy disks from some PC magazine I forget the name of now.  NIALL stands for Non Intelligent Acquired … Continue reading

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HeyGraph Javascript and canvas graphing tool

To learn a bit about the HTML 5 canvas I’ve been writing a simple graphing visualization tool in Javascript. 

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Alarmed! The Alarm clock application for Android

For quite some time now I’ve been working on an Android application in my spare time.  It is an alarm clock called Alarmed! and I released the beta version of it today.  This version is a free trial with a … Continue reading

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Character Justify Plugin

I’ve updated my Character Justify Plugin.

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