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Implementing List Header Checkboxes in Altio

Here’s a little tutorial on how to set up a checkbox in the header of an Altio list.  The minimum requirements to complete this tutorial should only be that you have an Altio server instance installed, preferably version 5.1 or … Continue reading

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Socialtio – Visually browse your Social Graph

As promised here is another Altio demo that Dan and I built for the forthcoming Altio Graph Control. Like our previous Last.fm demo it diagrams users relationships within a social graph but this one uses a much wider dataset, the … Continue reading

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Altio + Last.fm

Here‘s a little Altio app I built with a couple of guys from work (I work at Altio) that uses the new Graph custom control and the data feeds from the music website Last.fm to map connections between Last.fm users … Continue reading

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Photo by raindog I found out last week that I’ll be attending JavaOne in San Francisco in May. This is excellent news; I’ve not been to the US before, much less to a software conference of such magnitude. I’ll likely … Continue reading

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